What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

Dreams of being pursued are considered as terrifying dreams and it doesn’t matter that the pursuer is known or unknown. But what is the exact message about what’s going on inside your mind behind such dreams? Dream interpreters often suggest that chasing dreams mean that you are avoiding something in your waking life.

What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?
What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

Most of us had terrifying dreams such as being chased by an unknown person, entity or sometimes an animal. Is it a simple explanation that we are running away from a problem in our real lives or is there a deeper meaning behind the dreams about being chased? The answer to this question depends on various factors, for example: Who or what is chasing you, the distance between you and the chaser, and whether you are the one who is doing the chasing.

Dream Interpretation of Chasing in Islam:

An elephant chasing the dreamer:

An elephant chasing in a dream indicates harm from the king.

A camel chasing people:

if a camel chasing people in a dream, it means a tyrant, an enemy, or some flood will wreak havoc in the area.

A wolf chases someone in a dream:

When a wolf chases a person in a dream, it means that the person will see happiness, or it may mean his martyrdom.

Being chased by a hawk:

Dreaming of being chased by a hawk can be interpreted as a courageous man will be angry with the dreamer.

Dream Interpretation of Chasing in Zhou-gong’s Dream Dictionary:

Dream of being chased by the cattle:

This dream indicates that the dreamer may encounter some obstacles in the waking life.

An employee being chased by the cattle:

Dreaming of an employee to be chased by a cattle suggests that there may be a yellow dog around the dreamer.

A businessperson being chased by the cattle:

Such dreams signify that the dreamer might face obstacles and difficulties on the path of career development.

A bird is chasing ants:

Birds chasing ants is a bad omen indicating that there will be calamity happening.

What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?
What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

Dream Interpretation of Chasing in Dream Dictionary for Dummies:


If you are being chased in your dream, you are trying to avoid a situation that is potentially dangerous or unwanted. You have the answer to a question that someone needs. If you are the pursuer, it means that you are chasing after a goal and want to reach it, trying to right a wrong that’s been committed against you, or trying to gain attention from someone who’s rejected you.


Being chased in a dream emotionally means that you feel indebted to someone, or maybe you’re being driven away from involvement with others. On the other hand, it means that a rejected part of you needs to be acknowledged and reintegrated into your personality or character.


In this case, being chased indicates that you feel pursued by disturbing, fearful ideas that you don’t want to experience. The pursuer in your dream could have a message for you. One point to pay attention is that the pursuer may be you!

If you have the fears of facing up to something you’ve judged negatively, like your own rage, irresponsibility, or shame, for example. Or, you may feel threatened by someone or by a possible failure, it is so common to dream of being chased. If you become paralyzed in your dream, you probably need to stand still and meet your pursuer to receive an important message. Or, you may be experiencing the normal “paralysis” which happens in the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep state.

In your dream, it is possible to be chased by a different thing, for example, being chased by dream monster, serial killer, science fiction character, wild animal, or violent family member or ex-spouse, it means you can turn things around quickly. Try to do meditation later and review the dream, turning to the point where the anxiety reaches its climax, and as a result, you feel the most helpless and panic-stricken. In the meditation, try to stop running or acting like a victim. Turn and face your pursuer. Pull out an imaginary weapon which is more powerful than your opponent. Ask your pursuer some questions such as: Why are you chasing me? What do you want from me? What message do you have for me? See what the character says. If the scene wants to progress into a dialogue, let it.

What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

Being chased by a black dog:

If a black dog chases you in your dream, it suggests a fear of depression. As debt becomes more frequent in everyday life, the anxieties associated with it will manifest itself in dreams as being chased.

A woman being chased:

It is completely usual for a woman to dream that she is being chased in dreams. It implies that she has something special which she does not wish to relinquish.

A man being chased by a woman:

If a man is being chased by an unknown woman, it is usually in response to his fear of being ‘consumed.’

Dreaming of being chased and trying to escape:

Trying to escape responsibility, our own sense of failure, fear or emotions we can’t handle can manifest itself in the dreams of being chased and trying to escape.

Being chased by shadows:

Being chased by shadows suggests that we need to escape from something previously repressed, like past childhood trauma or difficulty.

Being chased by an animal:

When we are chased by an animal, it generally indicates that we have not come to terms with our own passion or it can be a representative of suppressed anger in some situation in our lives. Try to find the answer to these sentences: whether anger is ruling your everyday life or are you trying hard to push your feeling of rage down.

Whenever animals appear in our dreams, they usually indicate the wilder aspect of our lives, where all our rage and savagery is projected onto a wild animal so that we can distance ourselves from any savage behavior in our waking life.

Spiritual interpretation:

If we want to spiritually interpret chasing dreams, it can have two possible meanings: either fear of our own actions or is a play on words, as in ‘chaste’, i.e. trying to preserve our innocence.

Hares chased by dogs:

When you see hares chased by dogs in your dream, it means that you have some troubles and contentions among your friends, and you will concern yourself to bring about friendly relations.

What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?
What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

Dogs on the chase of foxes:

Dreaming of dogs on the chase of foxes indicates an unusual briskness in all affairs.

Yourself chasing you:

Imagine that the person chasing you might be yourself, or some aspect of you. Any negative feelings you have about yourself could be projected onto the chaser. The interpretation is that you are ignoring these parts of yourself, for example, your anger or fear and they may need attention and possibly therapy.

Strangers chasing you: 

If you do not know your pursuer, this could signify a situation in your personal or professional life that you are trying to avoid. It may indicate a problem at work or at home that needs attention and you are stressed out because you cannot face dealing with it.

As soon as you realize the reason of being chased, you will probably quickly recognize what it is that you are avoiding.

What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?
What Do Dreams About Chasing Reveal About You?

How is the distance of the chaser important?

One of the important factors in interpreting chasing dreams is the distance between you and your chaser, as is the speed of the person or thing chasing you. The distance of the chaser is an implication of how close or pressing the issue is.

For instance, if the chaser is so far from you and you do not feel particularly threatened or stressed out by their presence, it indicates that the problem is easily solved. If the chaser is very close to you and catching up with you so that you feel a real sense of danger and fear, the interpretation is that the problem is immediate and pressing. If you are trying to manage to put distance between you and the chaser, then your problem is being dealt with in a satisfactory way in your waking life.

You are the one chasing:

If you are chasing in your dream, Ask these questions: who or what am I chasing? If it is a person, who are they? Someone in real life that you admire or desire? If the answer is yes, it represents your libido and a fear of growing old and unattractive.

If you cannot see what you are chasing, it is an implication of your work situation. Are you pursuing a promotion or are you falling behind with work and having to work harder to catch up with everyone else?

If you observed someone being chased:

Seeing someone being chased in your dream is actually a good omen that implies you will live a comfortable old age thanks to your own efforts. It may not be a life of luxury, but you will not have a difficult life.

In order to conclude, we should say that the common theme in all dreams where someone is being chased is avoidance. Consider whether you are holding onto old patterns of thinking, old habits and why you find it frightening to change. If you do try to break away from your old behaviors, you will become a better person and be sure that those terrifying dreams about being chased will stop.

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