All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying

All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying

All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying

Flying dreams are so common between people and are found worldwide, they have existed since ancient times, even when there is no airplane. It is not easy to interpret flying dreams because a lot of factors and symbols should be taken into account.

All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying
All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying

Among all types of dreams, flying dreams are one of the most common even in ancient days longe before the invention of the airplane. In this post, we have prepared all possible interpretations of flying dreams in different cultures and based on various situations.

Dream Interpretation of Flying in Islam:

A pious person dreaming of flying:

The meaning of this dream is a desire for learning.

A debauched person dreaming of flying:

We can put an interpretation of seeking vice and evil in such dreams.

An uncommitted person dreaming of flying:

This dream can be interpreted as seeking a novelty or might turn heretic.

Racing somebody and flying and winning the race:

If you have such dreams, it denotes that you will defeat that person and gain some kind of promotion.

Flying horizontally and steadily:

It indicates that your matters will be straightened without any effort.

Flying right or left in the sky:

This dream signifies that you will travel to an unusual destination or be dignified.

Flying if no trip is in sight:

Unemployment Can be manifested in such dreams.

Flying by one’s own free will and stopping such an action when desired:

It is a good omen indicating facilities and plenty of welfare.

Flying from one rooftop to another:

When you have this dream, it means that you will change your wives.

Flying from one land to another:

Dignity and great satisfaction is the interpretation of this dream.

A prominent personality flying over a mountain:

It suggests that the person will be given a province.

A leader or a power-monger dreaming of flying:

In this case, flying denotes that the leader will prevail and If he falls on anything, he will own it.

All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying
All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying

An ordinary or a submissive person dreaming of flying over a mountain:

Such dreams can have two possible meanings which are: the person will be very ill and approach death or he will commit a sin.

Flying means travels:

Flying in a dream means travels. Another form of this dream is flying for other than a traveler that denotes unemployment. The best dream, in this case, is when you fly in the direction of the Qiblah, the place toward which worshipers turn their faces when they pray. At first, it was Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), and now it is Mecca (Makkah).

Flying between two roofs:

This dream could mean having a mistress beside one’s wife.

If a woman sees herself flying from her house into the house of a man she knows in the dream, it is an indication that she will marry him. Mere hallucination can be represented in the flying dream of a person who has pride and exaggerated hopes.

Flying on one’s back:

This dream can be interpreted as having a comfortable sea journey, unemployment, or death if the dreamer is ill.

Flying with wings:

Flying with wings indicates travels or change of condition. If the destination is reached, the situation will improve. For a poor person, it means plenty of financial gains.

Flying like a pigeon in the air and having a bird’s-eye view as if controlling those on earth and have a position to benefit or harm anybody at will:

This dream is a good sign meaning dignity and strength.

Flying happily from one country to another, but feeling heavy and unable to benefit or harm anyone or touch anything:

It means that the dreamer is yearning for money.

All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying
All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying

Flying low:

The interpretation of this dream is that you will travel and return safe and sound.

A prisoner dreaming of flying:

Flying in this situation means that the prisoner will be freed soon.

A stranger or an expatriate dreaming of flying:

The person will return to his country.

Flying in the sky, then returning to earth:

this dream indicates that you will fall ill and be near death, but recover.

Flying and disappearing in the sky with no return in sight:

Death can be represented in the dream of flying and disappearing in the sky.

A bondsman (or servant) dreaming of flying toward the sky:

It is a sign that the bondsman will serve in the house of prominent personalities.

A bondsman (or servant) dreaming of flying inside his master’s house:

Will become the number-one servant. This dream has various forms and as a result, we can put different interpretations on it, for example, If he falls, it means that he will be ousted after receiving all that welfare. If he flies out of the door, it means that he will be sold. If he flies out of the window or through the wall, he will run away and become a fugitive in the waking life.

Dreaming repeatedly of flying:

All the possible meanings of this dream are: (1) The dreamer has many wishes. (2) The dreamer is frivolous and uncontrollable when he is angry. (3) The dreamer is happy in real life. (4) The dreamer is superstitious and draws an evil omen from certain things.

All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying
All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying

Flying with birds:

Flocking with foreigners, Bad omen for an evil person, Possible crucifixion, and Coming ordeal for a fisherman are represented in the dream of flying with birds.

Flying with wings that do not resemble bird wings:

It is an indication that something extraordinary will happen to the dreamer, and people will marvel.

Flying without wings:

It denotes changes in one’s status or conditions, fear and hardships, but also the fulfillment of a wish and rising in life as high as the dreamer rose in the sky in the dream.

Flying and stopping over in a known place:

It has two possible interpretation: You will reach destination safe and sound or you will interrupt a trip and stop over in that place.

Flying near a flock of birds:

Flying near a flock of birds in a dream indicates associating, living or working with unknown people. If an evil person has this dream, it means a bad omen, and for a fisherman, it denotes sufferings or death.

Flying upside-down:

If you see yourself in a dream flying upside-down, it means evil happening.

Flying of a sick person:

If a sick person sees himself flying in the air, it signifies that he will die from his illness.

Flying out of a house:

It is a sign of death.

Flying and rising steadily in the sky:

Such dreams mean that quick harm will befall the dreamer.

Flying vertically:

Benefits, promotion, and leadership can be manifested in the dream of flying vertically.

Flying in the sky and somehow in the earth:

It means that you have too many wishes.

A horseman dreaming of flying:

Good horsemanship in waking life.

Dreaming of flying on a stretcher, a litter, a bed, or the like:

This dream is a bad omen indicating three things: legs will be affected by a severe ailment, will become very ill, and death.

A dead person flying:

You will escape danger in real life.

A bier flying and people with it:

This dream is an indication of three things which are: (1) A chief or a scholar will die without anybody knowing about it. (2) A great man will die in a foreign land, during a pilgrimage, or in a battle for the sake of Allah (Jihad). (3) If the dead man on the bier is identified, it means that man in particular.

If you see yourself laying over the bed and flying with it in a dream, it denotes a severe sickness or an ailment that will strike at your legs. Enjoying flying between the sky and the earth in a dream indicates having exaggerated hopes. Another possible interpretation of flying dreams is seeking a destructive knowledge or pursuing an evil idea, or associating with wicked and dishonorable people, or it could signify being in a hurry, taking a serious project, then fails to accomplish it because of your angry character. Flying in a dream also denotes extreme happiness, or it could mean superstition. Flying from a bad place into a good place such as a farm or a mosque in his dream is a sign of benefits and growth.

Flying from one’s home to an unknown house:

This dream is considered as bad dreams which means you will move to the grave or death is near and it is high time to repent.

Flying while on horseback:

All possible meanings of such dream are the end of prosperity or being forced to relinquish an important post.

Trying to fly but being unable to or finding oneself upside down:

Plenty of evil to come is the interpretation of this dream. 

Seeing horsemen flying in the air:

Temptation, plot, and war will appear in that place.

Dream Interpretation of Flying in Zhou-gong’s Dream Dictionary:

Zhou-gong believes that dreaming about a flying horse is a sign of adventure and risks meaning that there may be surprisingly good news coming.

All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying
All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying

Dream Interpretation of Flying in Dream Dictionary for Dummies:


Flying dreams physically means that you’re focusing on your dreams, goals, and how far you want to go in life. How you fly represents the way you grow and express your creativity in your real life. Flying easily and surveying the landscape, means that you have control of the situation, or finding a solution to your problems. Running into power lines, trees, mountains, or other obstacles means you’re trying to deal with people or situations that block your progress.


It means that you need more freedom, exhilaration, adventure, and joy in your real life. If you are worried about your ability to control your flight or flying too high, it means that you doubt your power and skill and may dread the possibility of failure.


Flying in a dream can reveal that you’re moving up in frequency, expanding your consciousness through the dimensions. It denotes that you want more spiritual knowledge, the big picture, or a higher perspective on a situation.

Sometimes in your flying dream, you see some animals or other creatures that fly, these dreams have their own interpretation. These dreams and their meanings are listed here:

  • Dreaming of a moth flying and finally settling upon something, or disappearing totally, means the death
    of friends or relatives.
  • Dreaming of turkey flying means a rapid change from obscurity to prominence. To shoot them as a game is an indication that you will unscrupulously collect wealth.
  • Dreaming of swan flying means that pleasant anticipations will be realized soon.
  • Dreaming of pigeon flying means that freedom from misunderstanding, and perhaps news from the absent.
  • Dreaming of pelican flying means that you are threatened with changes, which will impress you with ideas of uncertainty as to good.
  • Dreaming of ducks flying means that a brighter future for you. It also indicates marriage and children in the new home.
  • Dreaming of a butterfly flying about means that you will have news from absent friends by letter, or from someone who has seen them.


  • All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying
    All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying


  • Dreaming of flying birds means that the dreamer will prosper. All disagreeable environments will vanish before
    the wave of prospective good.
  • Dreaming of partridge flying means that a promising future is before you.
  • Dreaming of larks flying means high goals and purposes that you will throw off selfishness through the attainment of which.
  • Dreaming of flying a kite means a great show of wealth or business, but with little true soundness to it all.
  • Dreaming of children flying kites means pleasant and light career. If the kite ascends beyond the vision, it is a good omen indicating high hopes and aspirations will resolve themselves into disappointments and loss.
  • Dreaming of seeing a flying machine means that you will make satisfactory progress in your future supposition.
  • Dreaming of a flying bat means discernment or obscurity of a spiritual kind.
  • Dreaming of a  high-flying bird means spiritual awareness or seeking knowledge.
  • Dreaming of a bird flying freely means aspirations and desires and possibly the spirit soaring towards the Divine.

For a woman to dream who has the dream of flying from one city to another and alighting on church spires, means that she will have much to compete against in the way of false persuasions and declarations of love. She will become ill, and the death of someone near to her may follow.

For a young man to dream that he is flying with white wings above green foliage is a good sign indicating advancement in business and he will also be successful in love. If he dreams this often it is a sign of increasing prosperity and the fulfillment of wishes. If the trees appear barren or dead in the dream, there will be obstacles in obtaining desires. It means that he will get along, but his work will bring small results.

All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying
All Possible Dream Interpretations Of Flying
  • To dream of flying high through space means marital calamities.
  • To fly low, almost to the ground means sickness and uneasy states but the dreamer will recover.
  • To fly over muddy water means that you should keep close with your private affairs.
  • To fly over broken places means ill luck and gloomy surroundings. If you notice green trees and vegetation
    below you in flying, it means that you will suffer temporary embarrassment, but will prosper.
  • To dream of seeing the sun while flying means useless worries, as your affairs will succeed despite your
    fears of evil.
  • To dream of flying through the firmament passing the moon and other planets means famine, wars, and
    troubles of all kinds in waking life.
  • To dream that you fly with black wings means bitter disappointments.
  • To fall while flying means a downfall. If you wake while falling, you will succeed in reinstating yourself.

Some dream interpreters and psychologists believe that dreaming of flying relates to sex and sexuality, but it would probably be more accurate to look at it in terms of lack of inhibition and freedom. We are releasing ourselves from limitations that we may impose on ourselves.

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