Nostradamus French-English Century IV

Nostradamus French-English Century IV

IV 1

That of the rest of unspanded blood,
Venice that needs help be given,
After waiting a long time,
Quite bound to the first horn sounded.

That of the remainder of blood unshed:
Venice demands that relief be given:
After having waited a very long time,
City delivered up at the first sound of the horn.

IV 2

By death France will take a trip to do,
Class by sea, walk Pyrenees mountains,
Spain in trouble, marching military,
Greatest; ladies in France taken away.

Because of death France will take to making a journey,
Fleet by sea, marching over the Pyrenees Mountains,
Spain in trouble, military people marching:
Some of the greatest Ladies carried off to France.

IV 3

From Arras & Bourges de Brodes large brands
Vn more Gascons beat on foot,
Those along the Rosne will bleed the Spaniards,
Close to the mountain where Sagonte sits.

From Arras and Bourges many banners of Dusky Ones,
A greater number of Gascons to fight on foot,
Those along the Rhône will bleed the Spanish:
Near the mountain where Sagunto sits.

IV 4

The imposing annoyed prince, plains & quarrels
Of raps & plundered by roosters & by lybics
Grand is by land, by sea infinite sails,
Seure Italy will be chasing Celtics.

The impotent Prince angry, complaints and quarrels,
Rape and pillage, by cocks and Africans:
Great it is by land, by sea infinite sails,
Italy alone will be chasing Celts.

IV 5

Cross, peace or fulfilled by a verb,
L’Epagne & Gaules will come together,
Great clade close, and battle fierce,
Heart hardy will not be trembling.

Cross, peace ƒoubs vn, accomplished by a verb:
L’Eƒpagne & Gaule vnis ƒeront together.
A great close clade & a fierce battle, Cueur
ƒi boldi will not be trembling.

Peace cross soubs vn, accomplished midweek verb,
Espaigne & Gaule will be seen together,
Great clade close, & combat very fierce,
Heart so hardy will not be that trembles.

Cross, peace, under one the divine word accomplished,
Spain and Gaul will be united together:
Great disaster near, and combat very bitter:
No heart will be so hardy as not to tremble.

IV 6

New clothes after the winch,
Malice grinds & machination:
First will die who will be the proof,
Color Venice insidiation.

By the new clothes after the find is made,
Malicious plot and machination:
First will die he who will prove it,
Color Venetian trap.

IV 7

The great and beloved Prince
De Lepre’s minor son will come to be a great spot.
From mother to mother will die very triumphant and thin:
And he will die where loose flesh falls.

The minor son of the great, & hay Prince,
De lepre will have a great task at twenty:
From due to his mother will die very triumphant and thin,
And he will die where the cowardly chief falls.

The minor son of the great & hay prince,
De lepre will have a great task at twenty:
From dueil his mother will die very sad and thin,
And he will die where chief lasche falls.

The minor son of the great and hated Prince,
He will have a great touch of leprosy at the age of twenty:
Of grief his mother will die very sad and emaciated,
And he will die where the loose flesh falls.

IV 8

The great assault city pront & repentin,
Surprins de nuict, guards interrupted:
Les excubies & veilles saint Quintin,
Trucidez guards & broken portals.

The great city by prompt and sudden assault
Surprised at night, guards interrupted:
The guards and watches of Saint-Quentin
Slaughtered, guards and the portals broken.

IV 9

The head of the camp in the middle of the press,
D’vn shot of the arrow will be injured in the thighs.
When Geneue in tears & in distress
Will be betrayed by Lozan & Souysses.

The chief of the army in the middle of the crowd
Will be wounded by an arrow shot in the thighs,
When Geneva in tears and distress
Will be betrayed by Lausanne and the Swiss.

IV 10

The young Prince accused of faltering, Will
disturb the camp & in quarrels;
Meurtry the chief for the support,
Scepter to appease, then to cure swindles.

The young Prince falsely accused
Will plunge the army into trouble and quarrels:
The chief murdered for his support,
Scepter to pacify: then to cure scrofula.

IV 11

That which will have flowed from the large cappe,
Will be induced in some cases to patrer:
The twelve red will come to defile the nape,
Soubs murder, murder will come to perpetuate.

He who will have the government of the great cope
Will be prevailed upon to perform several deeds:
The twelve red one who will come to soil the cloth,
Under murder, murder will come to be perpetrated.

IV 12

The larger road camp fled,
Gueres will no longer be chased:
Recamped Ost & reduced region,
Then out of Gaul at all will be driven out.

The greater army put to flight in disorder,
Scarcely further will it be pursued:
Army reassembled and the legion reduced,
Then it will be chased out completely from the Gauls.

IV 13

Of greater reported new losses,
The report makes the camp will lengthen:
Bendes vnies encontre reuoltees,
Double phalanx large will give up.

News of the greater loss reported,
The report will astonish the army:
Troops united against the revolted:
The double phalanx will abandon the great one.

IV 14

The subtle death of the first character,
Will have changed & put another in the reign:
Tost, late come so high & low age,
That land & sea will have to be feared.

The sudden death of the first personage
Will have caused a change and put another in the sovereignty:
Soon, late come so high and of low age,
Such by land and sea that it will be necessary to fear him.

IV 15

Whence will cause famine to come,
From there will come the satiation:
The eye of the sea by auare canine,
For from one another donra oil oil.

From where they will think to make famine come,
From there will come the surfeit:
The eye of the sea through canine greed
For the one the other will give oil and wheat.

IV 16

The Free City of Liberty is a serue,
Profliger & resueurs is azyle:
The Roy changed, to them not so proterue,
Of a hundred will be deuenus more than a thousand.

The city of liberty made servile:
Made the asylum of profligates and dreamers.
The King changed to them not so violent:
From one hundred become more than a thousand.

IV 17

Change in Beaune, Nuy, Chaalon, Dijon
The duke wanting to amend the Barree,
Walking near the river, Fish beak,
Will see the tail door will be tight.

To change at Beaune, Nuits, Châlon and Dijon,
The duke wishing to improve the Carmelite [nun]
Marching near the river, fish, diver’s beak
Will see the tail: the gate will be locked.

IV 18

Of more letter above the celestial facts
Will be by ignorant princes reproach, Punished
of edition , hunt like celestial,
And put to death where will be found.

Some of those most lettered in the celestial facts
Will be condemned by illiterate princes:
Punished by Edict, hunted, like criminals,
And put to death wherever they will be found.

IV 19

In front of Roüan of insubordinate put the seat,
By land & sea enclose the passages,
D’Haynaut: & Flâdres of Ghent & those of Liege,
By leuees gifts will rauir the clouds.

Before Rouen the siege laid by the Insubrians,
By land and sea the passages shut up:
By Hainaut and Flanders, by Ghent and those of Liége
Through cloaked gifts they will ravage the shores.

IV 20

Peace long venerated God loüera
Through all his reign desert the fleur-de-lis,
Dead bodies of water, earth there to bring,
Sperant vain hour of being there in a row.

Peace and plenty for a long time the place will praise:
Throughout his realm the fleur-de-lis deserted:
Bodies dead by water, land one will bring there,
Vainly awaiting the good fortune to be buried there.

IV 21

The change will be very difficult,
City prouince to the change gain will be,
Heart high, careful put, driven out clever
Sea; land, people, its state will change.

The change will be very difficult:
City and province will gain by the change:
Heart high, prudent established, chased out one cunning,
Sea, land, people will change their state.

IV 22

The large copy that will be released,
In a moment will make Roy need:
The promised promise of loosing will be mowed down,
Nud will see in pitiful dearroy.

The large copy that will be released,
In a moment will make Roy need.
LOIN promiƒe de LOIN will be mowed.
Nud ƒe will see pitiful deƒarroy.

The big copy that will be dechassee
In a moment will be needed by Roy,
The promised foy of loing will be faussee,
Nud will be seen in pitiful desarroy

The great army will be chased out,
In one moment it will be needed by the King:
The faith promised from afar will be broken,
He will be seen naked in pitiful disorder.

IV 23

The legion in the marine class
Calcine, Magne, souphre et poix bruslera,
The long rest of the asseuree place,
Port Selin, Herc the fire will consume them.

The legion in the marine fleet
Will burn lime, lodestone sulfur and pitch:
The long rest in the secure place:
Port Selyn and Monaco, fire will consume them.

IV 24

Who in the earth holy soul soulful voice
Human laziness to dawn to see shine,
Will make of the only of their blood
holy land, And the holy temples for the unclean destroy.

Beneath the holy earth of a soul the faint voice heard,
Human flame seen to shine as divine:
It will cause the earth to be stained with the blood of the monks,
And to destroy the holy temples for the impure ones.

IV 25

bodies endless to the visible eye, Obnubiler will come by its reasons,
Body, forehead sagging, sense, leader & inexhaustible,
Reducing sacred prayers.

Lofty bodies endlessly visible to the eye,
Through these reasons they will come to obscure:
Body, forehead included, sense and head invisible,
Diminishing the sacred prayers.

IV 26

Lou grand cyssame le leuera d’Albelhos,
Que non sauran don, te signen venguddos,
Denech embousq, sou gach sous las tail hos,
Ciutat traihdo per cinq leugos non nudos.

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The great swarm of bees will arise,
Such that one will not know whence they have come;
By night the ambush, the sentinel under the vines
City delivered by five babblers not naked.

IV 27

Salon, Mansol, Tarascon de Sex l’arc,
Where still stands the pyramid:
Will come to bind the prince of Annemarc,
Rachapt honny to the prince of Artamide.

Salon, Tarascon, Mausol, the arch of SEX.,
Where the pyramid is still standing:
They will come to deliver the Prince of Annemark,
Redemption reviled in the temple of Artemis.

IV 28

When Venus from the ground is covered,
under the spreader is hidden,
Mercury in the fire will have discovered them,
by bellicose noise will be put to rest.

When Venus of the Ground is coated:
Soubs the splendor will be occult form:
Mercury in the fire will have removed them,
By bellic noise will be insulted.

When Venus from the ground is covered,
the spreader will be occult.
Mercury in the fire will have discovered them:
By bellicose noise will be put to inult.

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

IV 29

The hidden ground eclipsed by Mercury,
will only be put for the fertile sky:
From Vulcan Hermes will be pasture,
Slo will be seen pure gleaming & blond.

The Sun hidden eclipsed by Mercury
Will be placed only second in the sky:
Of Vulcan Hermes will be made into food,
The Sun will be seen pure, glowing red and golden.

IV 30

No more than eleven times Luna Sol will want,
All increase and decrease in degree:
And so low put that little gold we will sew,
Only after hunger, plague, discover the secret.

Eleven more times the Moon the Sun will not want,
All raised and lowered by degree:
And put so low that one will stitch little gold:
Such that after famine plague, the secret uncovered.

IV 31

The moon at night level on the high mountain
The new sophe of a single eye saw it,
Through his disciples was immortal semond,
Eyes at midy, in the sense of hands body to fire.

The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain,
The new sage with a lone brain sees it:
By his disciples invited to be immortal,
Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire.

IV 32

Es places & temps flesh au poiƒƒ. will take place.
The common loyalty will be made on the contrary.
Old will hold strong, then removed from the middle.
….. ….. ….. put very back.

Es places & temps flesh au poisson dorna lieu,
The common loy will be made on the contrary
Old will hold strong, then osté of the medium,
The Panta choina philon put strong back.

Es places & temps flesh au poiƒƒ. donra lieu:
The common loyalty will be made on the contrary:
Old will hold strong, then removed from the middle
The Panta coina philôn put strong back.

In the places and times of flesh giving way to fish,
The communal law will be made in opposition:
It will hold strongly the old ones, then removed from the midst,
Loving of Everything in Common put far behind.

IV 33

Iupiter ioint more Venus than to the
Appatoising moon of white fullness:
Venus hidden under the whiteness Neptune,
De Mars struck by the white granite.

Iupiter ioint more Venus than to the Moon,
Appearance of white plenitude:
Venus hidden under the whiteness Neptune,
Of Mars struck by the large branch.

Iupiter ioint more Venus than to the
Apparent Moon of white fullness.
Venus hidden ƒ or whiteness. Neptune
De Mars stricken by the granite branch.

Jupiter joined more to Venus than to the Moon
Appearing with white fullness:
Venus hidden under the whiteness of Neptune
Struck by Mars through the white stew.

IV 34

The great captive led by strange land,
Golden chained to Roy Chyren offered:
Who in Ausone, Milan will lose the war,
And all his ost ignited & ironed.

The great one of the foreign land led captive,
Chained in gold offered to King Chyren:
He who in Ausonia, Milan will lose the war,
And all his army put to fire and sword.

IV 35

Fire fires the betrayed virgins,
Most of the band;
Lightning with iron, launches the only Roy will keep,
Etruscan & Corsican nuict throat allumelle.

The fire put out the virgins will betray
The greater part of the new band:
Lightning in sword and lance the lone Kings will guard
Etruria and Corsica, by night throat cut.

IV 36

The new eyes in Gaul straighten.
After the victory of the Insubre champaigne,
Monts d’Esperie, the big link,
For fear of shaking the Romaine & Spain.

The new sports set up again in Gaul,
After victory in the Insubrian campaign:
Mountains of Hesperia, the great ones tied and trussed up:
Romania and Spain to tremble with fear.

IV 37

Gauls by jumps, mountains will come to penetrate,
Occupy the great place of Insubre:
In the deepest its ost will bring in,
Gennes, Monech will grow class rubre.

The Gaul will come to penetrate the mountains by leaps:
He will occupy the great place of Insubria:
His army to enter to the greatest depth,
Genoa and Monaco will drive back the red fleet.

IV 38

Pedant that Duke, Roy, Royne will occupy,
Byzantine Chef captive in Samothrace:
Before the assault one vn the other will eat,
Rebours ferré suiura of blood the trace.

While he will engross the Duke, King and Queen
With the captive Byzantine chief in Samothrace:
Before the assault one will eat the order:
Reverse side metaled will follow the trail of the blood.

IV 39

The Rodians will ask for help,
By the neglect of its abandoned fortresses,
The Arab empire will run its course,
By Hesperies the cause repressed.

The Rhodians will demand relief,
Through the neglect of its heirs abandoned.
The Arab empire will reveal its course,
The cause set right again by Hesperia.

IV 40

The fortresses of the besiege will close,
By powder to deep fire in abyss:
The producers will be all alive tighten,
Onc aux Sacrifices will not soften so pitiful scism.

The fortresses of the besieged shut up,
Through gunpowder sunk into the abyss:
The traitors will all be stowed away alive,
Never did such a pitiful schism happen to the sextons.

IV 41

Cymnic sex captured by hostage,
Will come from nuict custodes deceuoir:
The head of the camp deceu by his lineage,
Lairra the kind, will make pitiful auoir.

Female sex captive as a hostage
Will come by night to deceive the guards:
The chief of the army deceived by her language
Will abandon her to the people, it will be pitiful to see.

IV 42

Geneue & Lâgres by those of Chartre & Dolle,
And by Grenoble captive at Montlimart
Seysset, Losanne by fraudulent dole,
Les trahyront by or sixty marc.

Geneva and Langres through those of Chartres and Dôle
And through Grenoble captive at Montélimar
Seyssel, Lausanne, through fraudulent deceit,
They will betray them for sixty marks of gold.

IV 43

Arms will be heard in heaven, beating,
Celuy even the enemy diuins:
Will want the lawlessly debated:
By fraud & war well believers in death put.

Weapons will be played in Heaven, arms will be beaten,
That will even be the enemy’s many, Will
want the saints iniustably to fight,
By lightning and war, very believers in death put.

Where the weapons will bat in heaven.
This even the enemy will
want to loyally fight in vain.
By lightning & war well believers to death put.

Arms will be heard clashing in the sky:
That very same year the divine ones enemies:
They will want unjustly to discuss the holy laws:
Through lightning and war the complacent one put to death.

IV 44

Ious gros de Mende, de Roudês, & Milhau,
Cahours, Lymoges, Caƒtres malo ƒapmano
De nuech l’arrado, de Bordeaux vn calihau,
By Perigort toc de la campano.

Lous gros by Mende, Rhodez & Millau,
Cahors, Limoges, Caƒtres malo ƒapmano:
De nuech intrado. de Bordeaux vn caillau
By Perigort with toc de la campano.

Two big
wines from Mende from Rhodes & Milhau, Cahors, Limoges, Castre malo sapmano,
De nuech l’arrado, from Bordeaux vncailhau,
By Perigort au toc de la Campano.

Two large ones of Mende, of Rodez and Milhau
Cahors, Limoges, Castres bad week
By night the entry, from Bordeaux an insult
Through Périgord at the peal of the bell.

IV 45

By conflict Roy, reign will give up,
The greatest chief will fail in need,
Dead profligate, few will escape,
All will destroy, vn will be tesmoing.

Through conflict a King will abandon his realm:
The greatest chief will fail in time of need:
Dead, ruined few will escape it,
All cut up, one will be a witness to it.

IV 46

Well defended the fact par excellence,
Guard toy Tours of your near ruyne:
London & Nantes by Reims will make a difference
Do not pay off in the drizzle.

Well defended does it par excellence.
Guard toy Tours of your near ruin.
London & Nantes by Rheins ƒeront defenƒe.
Do not pay outside in the drizzle.

Although defended it makes it par excellence,
Guard toy Tours of your close ruyne:
London & Nantes by Reims will make an impact,
Do not pass beyond the time of the bruyne.

The fact well defended by excellence,
Guard yourself Tours from your near ruin:
London and Nantes will make a defense through Reims
Not passing further in the time of the drizzle.

IV 47

The fierce black when he has tried,
bloody hand by fire, iron, taut arches, Most of the people will be so frightened,
See the tallest by collar and feet hanging.

The fierce black when
his hand has been squeezed by iron fire, taut arches,
all the people will be so frightened
See the tallest by collar, & feet hanging.

The fierce Black when
his hand has been squeezed by fire, iron, taut bows:
Most of the people will be so frightened,
See the Greatest by collar and feet hanging.

The savage black one when he will have tried
His bloody hand at fire, sword and drawn bows:
All of his people will be terribly frightened,
Seeing the greatest ones hung by neck and feet.

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IV 48

Plannure, Ausonne fertile, spacious,
Will produce tahons if so many locusts,
Sunlight will come nubilously,
Reger the whole, great plague come from them.

The fertile, spacious Ausonian plain
Will produce so many gadflies and locusts,
The solar brightness will become clouded,
All devoured, great plague to come from them.

IV 49

In the presence of the bloody people,
That from the high sky will come to lie down:
But for a long time will not be heard,
The spirit of only one will come to testify.

Before the people blood will be shed,
Only from the high heavens will it come far:
But for a long time of one nothing will be heard,
The spirit of a lone one will come to bear witness against it.

IV 50

Libra will see the Hesperies reign,
From heaven and earth hold the Monarchy,
From Asia forces no one will see perished.
Let seven not rank the Hierarchy by rank.

Libra will see the Hesperias govern,
Holding the monarchy of heaven and earth:
No one will see the forces of Asia perished,
Only seven hold the hierarchy in order.

IV 51

Fifth Duke greedily ensnared his enemy,
Into the phalanx will enter,
Hastez on foot if near will come to pursuit,
That the next day meets near Ganges.

A Duke eager to follow his enemy
Will enter within impeding the phalanx:
Hurried on foot they will come to pursue so closely
That the day will see a conflict near Ganges.

IV 52

In the city of obsession on the walls men & women
Ennemys except the chief prest to be there:
Wind will be strong against the men-at-arms,
Hunt will be by lime, dust & ash.

In the besieged city men and woman to the walls,
Enemies outside the chief ready to surrender:
The wind will be strongly against the troops,
They will be driven away through lime, dust and ashes.

IV 53

The fugitives & banished reuoquez,
Peres & grand sons lining the high wells:
The cruel father & his own suffocate,
His worse son submerged in the then.

The fugitives & banished reuoquez,
Pere & fils grand garnished the top then.
The cruel father, & the elders gasp,
His worse son submerged in the well.

The fugitives & banished reuoquez.
Pere & fils Grand garnished with high wells.
The cruel father & the ƒiens ƒ suffocate.
The worse son ƒubmerged in the then.

The fugitives and exiles recalled:
Fathers and sons great garnishing of the deep wells:
The cruel father and his people choked:
His far worse son submerged in the well.

IV 54

From the name which we were not to Roy Gaulois,
I never was so fearful,
Trembling Italy Spain & the English,
Of foreign woman greatly attentive.

Of the name which no Gallic King ever had
Never was there so fearful a thunderbolt,
Italy, Spain and the English trembling,
Very attentive to a woman and foreigners.

IV 55

When the Crow on the brick tower is closed,
For seven hours will only cry,
Death presaged of holy statute,
Tyrant murdered to the Gods people pray.

When the crow on the tower made of brick
For seven hours will continue to scream:
Death foretold, the statue stained with blood,
Tyrant murdered, people praying to their Gods.

IV 56

After victory of a stiff tongue,
The mind tempted in peace & rest:
victory by conflict made herring, Rostir the tongue & the flesh & the bones.

After the victory of the raving tongue,
The spirit tempered in tranquility and
repos : Throughout the conflict the bloody victor makes orations,
Roasting the tongue and the flesh and the bones.

IV 57

Ignare fled from the big ROy supported,
Will try to defend the writings:
His non-female wife by another tent, No
more double two will cry.

Ignoring envy upheld before the great King,
He will propose forbidding the writings:
His wife not his wife tempted by another,
Twice two more neither skill nor cries.

IV 58

Burning sun in the throat sticking,
Human blood watering the Etruscan earth:
Head of water
trolling leading his son spinning, Captiue lady led in Turkish soil.

To swallow the burning Sun in the throat,
The Etruscan land washed by human blood:
The chief pail of water, to lead his son away,
Captive lady conducted into Turkish land.

IV 59

Two besiege in ardent fury,
Evening estaints for two plain mugs,
The strong limed, & a resitant old man,
Aux ganeuois de Nira monstra trasse.

Two beset in burning fervor:
By thirst for two full cups extinguished,
The fort filed, and an old dreamer,
To the Genevans he will show the track from Nira.

IV 60

The seven children in hostage leave,
The third will come to kill his child:
Two by his son will be thrust pierce,
Gennes, Florence, when will come to foul.

The seven children left in hostage,
The third will come to slaughter his child:
Because of his son two will be pierced by the point,
Genoa, Florence, he will come to confuse them.

IV 61

The old mocked, & begged for his place,
By the stranger who will subordinate him:
Hands of soon eaten sons duating his face
Les freres à Chartres, Orleans, Rouen betrayed,

The old one mocked and deprived of his place,
By the foreigner who will suborn him:
Hands of his son eaten before his face,
His brother to Chartres, Orléans Rouen will betray.

IV 62

Vn coronel machine ambition,
Will seize the largest army:
Against its pretended prince inuentinon,
And descouuert will be under its ramée.

A colonel with ambition plots,
He will sixteen the greatest army,
Against his Prince false invention,
And he will be discovered under his arbor.

IV 63

The Celtic army against the montagnars,
Which will be sealed & prins to the lip:
Peasants fresz will push tost faugnars,
Precipitate all over the hope.

Celtic army against the montagnars,
Which will be ƒceused & caught in the cold
Payƒans freƒes will be able to faugnars,
Precipitate all over the sword.

The Celtic Army against the montagnars,
Which will ƒceus, & taken with the
lippée : Payƒans freƒes pouƒeront toƒt faognars,
Precipitate all over the sword.

The Celtic army against the mountaineers,
Those who will be learned and able in bird-calling:
Peasants will soon work fresh presses,
All hurled on the sword’s edge.

IV 64

Breaking it down in a bourgeois outfit,
the Roy will come to temper his offense:
Fifteen soldiers, most of them Vstagois,
Vie viee & chef de son cheuance.

The transgressor in bourgeois garb,
He will come to try the King with his offense:
Fifteen soldiers for the most part bandits,
Last of life and chief of his fortune.

IV 65

To the deserter of the great fortress,
After his place has been abandoned:
His opponent will make such a great feat,
The Emperor will be dead will be condemned.

Towards the deserter of the great fortress,
After he will have abandoned his place,
His adversary will exhibit very great prowess,
The Emperor soon dead will be condemned.

IV 66

Under the holy color of seven shaved tests,
Will be sown with two explorers:
Puys & poyson fountains watered
At the fort of human genes deuorateurs.

Under the feigned color of seven shaven heads
Diverse spies will be scattered:
Wells and fountains sprinkled with poisons,
At the fort of Genoa devourers of men.

IV 67

The year that Saturn & Mars are burning,
The air is very dry, long heat:
By secret fires, of ardor great place adust
Little rain, wind, hot, wars, incursions,

The year that Saturn and Mars are equal fiery,
The air very dry parched long meteor:
Through secret fires a great place blazing from burning heat,
Little rain, warm wind, wars, incursions.

IV 68

In the very close year of Venus,
The two largest in Asia & Africa:
Du Rin & Hyster, which one would say came,
Cris, crying in Malta & cost in Lygustique.

The two greatest ones of Asia and of Africa,
From the Rhine and Lower Danube they will be said to have come,
Cries, tears at Malta and the Ligurian side.

IV 69

The great city will exile them will hold,
The dead city bruised & hunt:
Those of Aquileia in Parma will promise,
Show the entry by the places not trass.

The exiles will hold the great city,
The citizens dead, murdered and driven out:
Those of Aquileia will promise Parma
To show them the entry through the untracked places.

IV 70

Quite contiguous to the great Pyrenean mountains,
Vn against the eagle large copy to address:
Ouuertes vain, forces exterminated,
That if Pau, the chief will come to hunt.

Quite contiguous to the great Pyrenees mountains,
One to direct a great army against the Eagle:
Veins opened, forces exterminated,
As far as Pau will he come to chase the chief.

IV 71

Instead of marrying the tricky girls,
Murder with great fault will not be superstile:
In the puys flooded vestules,
The bride estainte by hauste d’Aconile.

In place of the bride the daughters slaughtered,
Murder with great error no survivor to be:
Within the well vestals inundated,
The bride extinguished by a drink of Aconite.

IV 72

The Artomics by Agen & l’Estore,
In Saint Felix will make the parliament,
Those of Basas will come to misfortune,
Seize Condon & Marsan promptly,

Those of Nîmes through Agen and Lectoure
At Saint-Félix will hold their parliament:
Those of Bazas will come at the unhappy hour
To seize Condom and Marsan promptly.

IV 73

The big nephew by forces will prove,
The pache makes the pusillanimous heart:
Ferrara & Ast the Duke will hope,
Therefore in the evening will do the pantomine,

The great nephew by force will test
The treaty made by the pusillanimous heart:
The Duke will try Ferrara and Asti,
When the pantomime will take place in the evening.

IV 74

From Lake Lyman & those of Brannonices,
All assemble against those of Aquitaine,
Germains much more Souysses,
Will be deffaicts to those of Human.

Those of lake Geneva and of Mâcon:
All assembled against those of Aquitaine:
Many Germans many more Swiss,
They will be routed along with those of the Humane.

IV 75

Prest to fight will defection,
Chief aduersaire will get the victory:
The rear guard will defence
The defenders dead in white territory.

Ready to fight one will desert,
The chief adversary will obtain the victory:
The rear guard will make a defense,
The faltering ones dead in the white territory.

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IV 76

The Nictobriges by those of Perigort,
Will be annoyed holding up to Rosne:
The associate of Gascons & Begorn
Betraying the temple, the bishop being at the prosne.

The people of Agen by those of Périgord
Will be vexed, holding as far as the Rhône:
The union of Gascons and Bigorre
To betray the temple, the priest giving his sermon.

IV 77

Selin Maonarch, peaceful Italy,
Regnes vnis Roy chrestien du monde: The
dying man will want to sleep in belsic earth
After pyrates having driven out of the wave.

Selin monarch Italy peaceful,
Realms united by the Christian King of the World:
Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil,
After having chased the pirates from the sea.

IV 78

The great army of the pugne ciuille,
For night Parma with the strange hole
Septuagint nine bruised in the city,
The strangers pass all to the hope,

The great army of the civil struggle,
By night Parma to the foreign one discovered,
Seventy-nine murdered in the town,
The foreigners all put to the sword.

IV 79

Royal blood fled Monthurt, Mas, Eguillon,
Filled will be from Bourdelois les Landes,
Nauarre, Bygorre, points & eguillons,
Deep hungry eat gorges from Liege.

Blood Royal flee, Monheurt, Mas, Aiguillon,
The Landes will be filled by Bordelais,
Navarre, Bigorre points and spurs,
Deep in hunger to devour acorns of the cork oak.

IV 80

Near the great river, great pit, egested earth
In fifteen parts will be the water diluted:
The city of princes, fire, cries of blood, masterly conflict,
And most of it concerns the colosseum.

Near the great river, great ditch, earth drawn out,
In fifteen parts will the water be divided:
The city taken, fire, blood, cries, sad conflict,
And the greatest part involving the coliseum.

IV 81

Bridge we will promptly make nacelles,
Pass the army of the great prince Belgium:
In depths & not far from Brussels
Besides pass, pick up seven at picque.

Promptly will one build a bridge of boats,
To pass the army of the great Belgian Prince:
Poured forth inside and not far from Brussels,
Passed beyond, seven cut up by pike.

IV 82

Cluster approaches from
Esclauonia , The old city Olestant
will ruynera: Fort desolee will see its Romania,
Then the great flame estaindre will not know,

A throng approaches coming from Slavonia,
The old Destroyer the city will ruin:
He will see his Romania quite desolated,
Then he will not know how to put out the great flame.

IV 83

Nocturnal combat the valiant captain
Vanquished fled, few people profligated:
His people are in vain sedition,
His own son will keep them besieged.

Combat by night the valiant captain
Conquered will flee few people conquered:
His people stirred up, sedition not in vain,
His own son will hold him besieged.

IV 84

A great Auserre will die very miserable
Driven out of those who have suffered him,
Esté de chaisnes, after a rough cable,
In the year that Mars Venus, Soil put in summer.

A great one of Auxerre will die very miserable,
Driven out by those who had been under him:
Put in chains, behind a strong cable,
In the year that Mars, Venus and Sun are in conjunction in summer.

IV 85

The white charcoal of the black will be chased,
Prisoner made led to the tumbler,
Moré Camel on his feet intertwine,
When the victim will spin the aubereau.

The white coal will be chased by the black one,
Made prisoner led to the dung cart,
Moor Camel on twisted feet,
Then the younger one will blind the hobby falcon.

IV 86

The year that Saturn in water will be conceived,
Auec Sol, the strong and powerful Roy,
In Reims & Aix will be received,
After conquest will murder innocents,

The year that Saturn will be conjoined in Aquarius
With the Sun, the very powerful King
Will be received and anointed at Reims and Aix,
After conquests he will murder the innocent.

IV 87

Vn son of Roy so many languages ​​learned,
We were born in a different kingdom:
His father-in-law to the largest son included
Will perish principal adherent.

Vn son of Roy so many languages ​​learned,
A ƒon aiƒné au reign different.
His father in law to the
Greatest son included, Will perish principal adherent.

Vn son of Roy so many languages ​​aprins
To his ease in different reign,
His handsome father to the most beautiful filz
understand , Will perish adherent principle.

A King’s son learned in many languages,
Different from his senior in the realm:
His handsome father understood by the greater son,
He will cause his principal adherent to perish.

IV 88

The great Anthoine of the least sordid fact
From Phytriasis to his last gnawing,
Vn which of lead will want to be greedy,
Passing the port of esleu will be plunged.

Anthony by name great by the
filthy fact Of Lousiness wasted to his end:
One who will want to be desirous of lead,
Passing the port he will be immersed by the elected one.

IV 89

Thirty secret London will coniurer,
Against their Roy on the bridge the enterprise,
Luy, satalites death will drip.
Vn Roy is a blond, native of Frize.

Thirty of London will conspire secretly
Against their King, the enterprise on the bridge:
He and his satellites will have a distaste for death,
A fair King elected, native of Frisia.

IV 90

The two copies on the walls will not be able to move
In that instant Milan, Ticino will tremble:
Hunger, thirst, doubt so strong will come to break
Flesh, bread, not aged, will not have a single goat.

The two armies will be unable to unite at the walls,
In that instant Milan and Pavia to tremble:
Hunger, thirst, doubt will come to plague them very strongly
They will not have a single morsel of meat, bread or victuals.

IV 91

Duke Gaulois
contrainct to fight a duel , The nave Meselle monech will not approach.
Tortured accused in perpetual prison,
His son will reign before death will tasch.

For the Gallic Duke compelled to fight in the duel,
The ship of Melilla will not approach Monaco,
Wrongly accused, perpetual prison,
His son will strive to reign before his death.

IV 92

Test brave of the valiant Captain,
Serious about his adversary,
His body hung from his class on the air,
Confused will flee by oars with the opposite wind.

The head of the valiant captain cut off,
It will be thrown before his adversary:
His body hung on the sail-yard of the ship,
Confused it will flee by oars against the wind.

IV 93

Vn snake seen near the Royal bed,
Will be by lady, nuict dogs will not abbey:
When born in France vn Prince so Royal
Of Heaven come all the princes will see.

A serpent seen near the royal bed,
It will be by the lady at night the dogs will not bark:
Then to be born in France a Prince so royal,
Come from heaven all the Princes will see him.

IV 94

Two big brothers will be chasing away from Espaigne
The eldest defeated in the Pyrenees mountains: Blushing
sea, Rosne sang leman of Germany,
Narbon, Blyterres, Ath, contaminated.

Two great brothers will be chased out of Spain,
The elder conquered under the Pyrenees mountains:
The sea to redden, Rhône, bloody Lake Geneva from Germany,
Narbonne, Béziers contaminated by Agde.

IV 95

The reign of two left very few will last,
Three years seven months go by will make war:
The two vestals against rebellion,
Victor then nay in Armonique land.

The realm left to two they will hold it very briefly,
Three years and seven months passed by they will make war:
The two Vestals will rebel in opposition,
Victor the younger in the land of Brittany.

IV 96

The older sister of British Isle,
Fifteen years old, the brother will be born,
By her promise by means of verifications,
Will succeed the reign of Libra.

The elder sister of the British Isle
Will be born fifteen years before her brother,
Because of her promise procuring verification,
She will succeed to the kingdom of the balance.

IV 97

The year that Mercury, Mars, Venus retrograde, The
Grand Monarch’s line will not fail,
The People’s Esleu visiting him near Gagdole,
That in peace & reign will come to a great end.

The year that Mercury, Mars, Venus in retrogression,
The line of the great Monarch will not fail:
Elected by the Portuguese people near Cadiz,
One who will come to grow very old in peace and reign.

IV 98

The Albanians will pass in Rome,
By means of Langres demiples affluent,
Marquis & Duke will not forgive a man,
Fire, morbid blood, water point, failing the bleds.

Those of Alba will pass into Rome,
By means of Langres the multitude muffled up,
Marquis and Duke will pardon no man,
Fire, blood, smallpox no water the crops to fail.

IV 99

The valiant elder of the daughter of Roy,
Will repel the Celtics so well,
That he will
throw lightning, how much in such arroy, Little & far then deep Hesperics.

The valiant elder son of the King’s daughter,
He will hurl back the Celts very far,
Such that he will cast thunderbolts, so many in such an array
Few and distant, then deep into the Hesperias.

IV 100

From celestial fire to the Royal edifice,
When the light of Mars will fail,
Seven months of the great war, death of a malfunction,
Rouen Eureux, in Roy will not fail.

From the celestial fire on the Royal edifice,
When the light of Mars will go out,
Seven months great war, people dead through evil
Rouen, Evreux the King will not fail.



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