The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth

The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth

The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth

Different dream interpreters have different opinions toward teeth dreams but one point to remember is that in order to have the most accurate interpretation of teeth dreams, it is necessary to take into account various factors, symbols, and occasions because there is not a common interpretation for all kinds of teeth dreams.

The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth
The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth

Different religions and cultures in the world have different attitudes toward dreams and dream interpretations. All most people consider teeth dreams as bad omens that indicate disease, death, difficulty, or some other bad events. In this post, all possible interpretations of teeth dream in different cultures and based on various situations and factors are prepared for you.

Dream Interpretation of Teeth in Islam:

The teeth getting longer and bigger:

If in a dream you see your teeth getting longer and bigger, it means you will have a dispute or rivalry in the house between members of your family.

The interpretation of such a dream is that the dreamer will overcome all kinds of hardships.

Dreaming of brushing or cleaning one’s teeth with a piece of wood as the Holy Prophet used to do:

It indicates that you are supporting your parents and good to tour relatives.

 Brushing one’s teeth with something unclean:

When you brush your teeth with something unclean, it indicates that you are spending dirty money beyond your will.

Having pain in one tooth or a molar:

It implies that you will hear something bad from one of your relatives whom that tooth represents in as much as the pain was severe.

The upper teeth falling on one’s knees:

When your upper teeth falling on your knees, it signifies that a male child will be born.

Teeth falling on the ground:

Such dreams are interpreted as death.

Teeth growing in the heart:

The interpretation of dreams like this is death.

Catching a falling tooth and refraining from burying it:

If your dreams like this, you will give advice to whomever that tooth refers to.

The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth
The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth

All the teeth of healthy, free persons, or travelers falling:

Such dreams can have different interpretations which are: disease, troubles of all kinds but no death because the teeth of those who die do not fall. Therefore, the same dream is a good one for those who are already ill and the meaning is that they will recover fast, for those who are on a travel, the dream means that their luggage or cargo is light, especially if the teeth were seen moving.

All the teeth falling, but catching them up in one’s sleeve or seeing them falling on the knees:

It implies that you will live long, till all the teeth fall, also you will have a large family at home.

Teeth symbolize all family members:

Islamic scholars believe that teeth symbolize all family members of the dreamer. The upper ones represent the men, the lower the women, the canine tooth symbolizes the patriarch of the family, the right central incisor is the father and the left is the uncle or father’s, brother. Otherwise, the latter two teeth represent two brothers or two sons or two friends who are brothers. The lateral incisor is the cousin or son of the brother’s father; the premolars represent the mother’s brothers or sisters or their substitutes. The molars are the grandparents and little male children in the family. The lower right central incisor is the mother and the left one is the father’s sister. In other interpretations, the latter two refer to two sisters or two daughters, or similar persons. The lower lateral incisor is the daughters of the father’s brothers and sisters. The lower canine symbolizes the first lady of the family. The lower premolars are the maternal daughters of the uncle and aunt. The lower molars are the remote female relatives on the man’s side and the little girls.

The mouth represents the house and the teeth its dwellers:

In Islam, mouth represents the house and the teeth its dwellers so if the teeth decaying, falling or being lost, it means disappearance, hardships, or death in waking life and their retrieval is a good omen meaning recovery or return of the lost or absent. Teeth dashing against each other indicates a dispute, controversy or quarrel in the house. Sores and pains in the mouth mean something is wrong with the family. Dirty teeth imply the notoriety or bad reputation of the house. Plaque or the yellow incrustation on the teeth indicates that the family is weak. Cleaning teeth mean that money will be spent to end family worries. The whiteness, length, and beauty of the teeth is a good omen symbolizes strength, money, and prestige.

Dreaming of an incisor growing over a current one:

When you have such dreams, it means that a new member will join your household.


The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth
The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth

Teeth falling without pain:

The interpretation is that your hopes will be dashed.

Teeth falling with pain:

It indicates that something will disappear from the dreamer’s house.

The front teeth falling:

When you see that your front teeth falling, it signifies that you will be unable to achieve something by pleading. In such dreams, if there is pain or blood or flesh being snatched, your hopes will be dashed.

The front teeth falling and others pushing instead:

Islamic scholars believe that the interpretation of this dream is that things will change or be rearranged.

The upper teeth falling into one’s hand:

This dream is a good sign indicating that money is coming.

Teeth falling and picking them up with one’s hand or beard:

It means that your children will break with you; no more children will be born in the family, and if ever one is born he will not stay to be brought up you.

All the teeth falling and disappearing from the dreamer’s sight:

This dream has two possible interpretations which are: (1) your family or household will die before you. (2) People of your generation or of the same age will die.

People chewing the dreamer’s flesh orbiting him with their teeth:

It implies that the dreamer should be modest, which he is not.

Teeth breaking:

The interpretation is that you will settle your debts, little by little.

Molar tooth: 

Teeth of the upper jaw symbolize a male person and those of the lower jaw symbolize a female person. Whatever may affect them in a dream, will happen in waking life. For example, if one’s molar tooth falls in a dream, it means that the particular person it represents may die shortly, other interpretations of such dream are being absolved of one’s debts, or perhaps repayment of one’s debts. Besides, if one suffers from a toothache in a dream, it indicates ill words which are spoken against him by such family member, or that he feels hurt from the treatment he receives from such a family member.

The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth
The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth

Dream Interpretation of Teeth in Zhou-gong’s Dream Dictionary:

Dreaming of fish with teeth:

Chinese interpretation of dreaming of fish with teeth like the human is good luck for wealth, but the wealth may not be obtained easily.

Dream of brushing teeth with a toothbrush:

Dream of brushing your teeth with a toothbrush indicates that you want to forget something.

Dream Interpretation of Teeth in Dream Dictionary for Dummies:


It means that you are grinding your teeth, or there is a potential teeth problem. The interpretation is that you are examining the subtle balances in your body and life which maintain health. You are trying to focus on assertiveness, aggression, confidence, competence, and your ability to deal with tough or confusing situations in your waking life. You are looking at your ability to engage and accomplish things that you want. Loose teeth or losing your teeth is somehow a bad sign indicating you’re losing power, courage, your control on a situation, or your ability to succeed. A gleaming white movie-star smile implies you are putting on a show, or someone is too tempting.


In this case, Penney Peirce believes that you are self-conscious about your appearance and self-worth. Losing teeth indicates you refuse to face reality and are retreating to infancy, or you fear to look silly, being embarrassed, unattractive, getting older or impotent. It implies that you’ve lost your self-respect. Dreaming of Biting or being bitten means you feel angry and defensive.


The interpretation is that you are examining the way you articulate and express yourself. Rotten, yellow, or decaying teeth relate to lies, insincerity, or lack of character. In a dream swallowing a tooth means you may have to “eat your words.”

The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth
The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth


Other psychologists and dream interpreters believe that teeth stand for aggressive sexuality – although more properly they indicate the growth process towards sexual maturity. Teeth falling or coming out easily suggests that we are aware of going through a form of transition or change, similar to that from childhood to maturity, or from maturity to old age and helplessness. If we are anxious about teeth dropping out in the dream, it indicates that there is a fear of getting old and undesirable or anxiety about maturing. Pregnancy, a wish for pregnancy, or an issue with sex can manifest itself in the dream of a woman who swallows the teeth.


Teeth dreams can have a wide range of forms and based on different symbols, factors, and situations, we can put various interpretations of these dreams.

  • If you dream that your teeth are loose, it means that there will be failures and gloomy tidings.
  • If the doctor pulls your tooth, the interpretation is that you will have a desperate illness, if not deadly; it will be lingering.
  • If you have your teeth filled, you will recover lost valuables after much uneasiness.
  • Cleaning or washing your teeth signifies that some great struggle will be demanded of you in order to preserve.
  • Dreaming that you are having a set of teeth made indicates that severe crosses will fall upon you, and you will try hard to throw them aside.
  • If you lose your teeth in your dream, you will have burdens which will destroy your pride and demolish all of your affairs.
  •  Sometimes sudden misfortune manifests itself in the dream of the teeth knocked out. This misfortune can have different forms, for example, your business will suffer, or deaths or accidents will come close to you.
  • Examining your teeth, warns you to be careful of your affairs, as your enemies lie in wait for you.
The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth
The Most Accurate Dream Interpretation Of Teeth
  • If they appear decayed, It is a bad omen denoting your business or health will suffer from intense strains.
  • To dream of spitting out teeth, implies personal sickness, or sickness in your immediate family members.
  • Imperfect teeth are one of the worst dreams. Such dream is full of mishaps and misfortunes for the dreamer, for example, a loss of estates, failure of persons to carry out their plans and desires, bad health conditions, or even depressed conditions of the nervous system.
  • When one tooth falls out, it denotes disagreeable news; if two, it means unhappy states that the dreamer will be plunged into from no carelessness on his part. And if three fall out, serious sickness and accidents will happen in real life.
  • Seeing all the teeth drop out, death and famine usually will prevail.

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