Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Dreaming about numbers can have different forms such as a special date, a year in your life, the number of children, the number of a street or a phone number. Many people do not realize that numbers can be extremely significant in everyday life and convey important messages. Knowledge of numbers will enhance your ability to interpret your dreams successfully.

Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Some people do not pay attention to dreams about different numbers because they think such dreams do not have any special meaning,  but you should know that dreams about numbers reveal very important messages about your future and secret emotions. In this post, we have prepared all possible dream interpretations of different numbers in various cultures and religions.

Dream Interpretation of Numbers in Islam:

Number one:

It indicates the truth or Allah Almighty Who has no partner, equal or associate.

Number two:

It shows help against one’s enemy.

Number three:

It implies the fulfillment of a promise.

Number four:

It denotes a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Number five:

It is an indication of doubt and weakness of one’s faith.

Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Number six:

It can have two possible interpretations which are: establishing proof of guilt against one’s adversaries or victory against one’s enemy.

Number seven or eight:

In a dream, counting up to number seven or eight is a bad omen and has negative connotations.

Number ten:

In a dream, counting up to number ten is a sign of compensation for one’s sins.

Number thirty:

In view of the story of Moses, number thirty is a bad omen in a dream.

Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Dream Interpretation of Numbers in Zhou-gong’s Dream Dictionary:

Zero number:

Zero number in a dream implies the romanticism for the past or the dreamer is still in love with ex-lover.

A lot of zero numbers in a dream is a good omen indicating fortune and abundance.

Number one (1):

Number one in a dream is an indication of a starting point in real life, it means that the dreamer might start a new job, business or relationship; another possible dream interpretation of number one is that the dreamer will have good solidarity with his/her families.

Number two (2):

Number two in a dream is a sign foretells that the dreamer will have good personal relationships or a sweet love.

Number three (3):

Number three in a dream indicates that the dreamer might have a negative attitude recently.

Number four (4):

Number four in a dream warns the dreamer of some difficulties and bad luck which he/she might be faced in waking life.

Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Number five (5):

Number five in a dream denotes a stable and peaceful life, but life can feel dull at one point in time.

Number six (6):

Number six in a dream is a symbol suggesting that the dreamer will have the charm to attract the opposite sex.

Number seven (7):

Number seven in a dream can be interpreted in two different ways: it is a sign of mystery, the dreamer will have creative inspiration which means that it’s a good time to create something.

Number eight (8): 

Number eight in a dream represents infinity and eternity. it also indicates that the dreamer will have good fortune for all undertakings.

Number nine (9):

Number nine in a dream signifies that there might be a great change in the living conditions or the environment.

Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Dream Interpretation of Numbers in Dream Dictionary for Dummies:


There are several dream interpretations for numbers in this book which are: evaluating in great detail a situation in your waking life, solving a problem, finding a new approach, focusing on multiplicity, relative size, or a multifaceted process. Dream about specific numbers implies ways of doing things, different aspects of your personality, stages of your growth process, the creation cycle and time periods or giving yourself coded guidance about how to proceed. All kinds of numbers such as the date on a calendar, street address, phone number, number of objects convey important messages.


In this mode, dreaming about numbers means that you need to be careful about being overly emotional, or conversely, too rational. It also indicates that you have an emotional connection with the numbers you see in your dream: date of an important event, how many children you have, a year of your life, or a lucky number.


Seeing numbers in a dream suggests that you are trying to adapt yourself to spiritual understanding, large patterns of consciousness, and original human qualities. If you see complex numbers in your dream, it is necessary to examine each of the single digits, add them together until you have one digit. This core number conveys a deeper meaning.

Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Sometimes seeing numbers in a dream signifies that some unsettled conditions in business will cause the dreamer uneasiness and dissatisfaction.

Even numbers:

Even numbers in a dream are signs of the qualities of stability, firmness, definition, or feminine.

Uneven numbers:

Uneven numbers in a dream are considered to be masculine in most cultures around the world.

Other dream interpreters and psychologists have proposed some interpretations for dreams about numbers, they believe that number one rarely appears, but it shows a kind of dualism which precedes good and evil. Number two denotes counterpoise, or man’s experience of separate existence, with its attendant problems, inevitable analysis, dividing up, inner disintegration and struggle. Number three is a sign of biological synthesis, childbirth and the solution of the conflict. Number four is an indication of the orderly arrangement of what is separate. Number five implies the organic fullness of life as opposed to the rigidity of death and it also has some sexual senses. The dream interpretation of number six is so complicated. It is, like two, a sign of dualism. However, it is like four in that it has a normative value as opposed to the liberating tendencies of five and the mystic (or conflicting) character of seven. Number seven is, like all the prime numbers, an indication of conflict or of a complex unity. This number is also associated with the moon. Number ten, in its graphic form as 10, is sometimes used to express marriage.

Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

Dreaming about numbers can have either a personal or symbolic meaning. Numbers that have personal meaning, often appear as a particular date, or the number of a house we have lived in. Our minds will often retain the significance of the number even though we do not necessarily consciously remember it ourselves.

The more esoteric interpretations of numbers in dreams are:

  • Zero indicates the Feminine, the Great Mother, the Unconscious, the Absolute or hidden completeness.
  • One indicates oneself, the Beginning, the first, Unity.
  • Two indicates duality, indecision, balance, male vs. female, two sides to an argument, opposites.
  • Three indicates the Trinity, freedom.
  • Four indicates the square, strength, stability practicality, the earth, reality, the four sides of human nature: sensation, feeling, thought, intuition. It also implies the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
  • Five indicates the human body, human consciousness in the body, the five senses.
  • Six indicates harmony or balance.
  • Seven indicates cycles of life, magical, spiritual meaning; human wholeness.
  • Eight indicates death and resurrection, Infinity.
  • Nine indicates pregnancy, the end of any cycle and the start of something new, spiritual awareness.
  • Ten indicates new beginnings, the male and female together.
  • Eleven indicates the eleventh hour, the Master Number.
  • Twelve indicates Time, a full cycle or wholeness.
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

The symbolic interpretations of numbers:

Dreaming about numbers has some symbolic interpretations in all cultures and religions. Below the most often  meanings; the positive qualities are given first, followed by the more negative are prepared:

  • One suggests independence, self-respect, resolve, singleness of purpose. Intolerance, conceit, narrow-mindedness, degradation, stubbornness.
  • Two suggests placidity, integrity, unselfishness, gregariousness, harmony. Indecision, indifference, lack of responsibility, bloody-mindedness.
  • Three suggests freedom, bravery, fun, enthusiasm, brilliance. Listlessness, overconfidence, impatience, lackadaisical behavior.
  • Four suggests loyalty, stolidity, practicality, honesty. Clumsiness, dullness, conservatism, inability to adapt.
  • Five suggests adventurousness, vivaciousness, courage, health, susceptibility, sympathy. Rashness, irresponsibility, inconstancy, unreliability, thoughtlessness.
  • Six suggests idealism, selflessness, honesty, charitableness, faithfulness, responsibility. Superiority, softness, impracticality, submission.
  • Seven suggests wisdom, discernment, philosophy, fortitude, depth, contemplation. Morbidity, hypercriticism, lack of action, unsociability.
  • Eight suggests practicality, power, business ability, decision, control, constancy. Unimaginativeness, bluntness, self-sufficiency, domination.
  • Nine suggests intelligence, discretion, artistry, understanding, brilliance, lofty moral sense, genius. Dreaminess, lethargy, lack of concentration, aimlessness.
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers
Dream Interpretation Of Different Numbers

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